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Our bodies are ecosystems of the most phenomenal variety.

Intricately tuned, a myriad of connections, pathways, transmitters and systems dance with one another in order to support our path in life.

Energy therapy's focus is to enable and promote fluidity within and between these systems by working with an individual’s energy flows. By drawing on the bodily map of tiny kinks, dents and natural grooves—these acupressure points, meridians, chakras and aura, found in every body—are supported in order to cultivate and nurture a physically and emotionally balanced life.

Small, physical yet subtle adjustments—using holding and touch—on and off the body release imbalances to allow space for radiance and expansion.

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What is Energy therapy?

Energy therapy is an alternative practice which works with an individual's energy in order to enhance and support a physically and emotionally balanced life. Its focus is to promote fluidity within our energetic core, overcoming stagnant energetic patterns which tend to manifest themselves in the physical body. Its aim is to enable one to retain this space of fluidity/movement amidst the tensions of the quotidian, nurturing resilience in order to make space for radiance and expansion.

In my practice I work with eight energy systems which include the Meridians, Chakras, Electrics, Aura, Celtic Weave, Triple Warmer, Five Rhythms, and the Radiant Circuits.

What can I offer?

Unbalanced or stagnant energies can result in feelings of emotional or physical discomfort. These can manifest themselves differently for everyone but common traits are often described by one or more of the following:

  • feeling unrested, ungrounded, unfocused, hysterical, needy, panicked, oversensitive and affected by other people or one's environment, fearful, overwhelm, issues with boundaries, fatigue, physical ailments, negative patterns reoccurring, difficulty achieving aims

Working to balance a client's energies can help address the issues above, making space for new patterns and responses such as the following:

  • feeling rested, focused, grounded, able to take initiative, more energy for new projects or plans, confidence, balanced relationships, respecting one's boundaries, radiance, drawing desired experiences to oneself
What happens in a session?

An assessment of the client's energy takes place, testing for over or under energy in meridians as well as imbalances in any of the other energy systems.

Energy Therapy employs hands on contact when working with some of the energy systems. For example when working with the Meridian system the protocols often require the practitioner to hold or massage acupressure points.

Pulling energy off the body as well as tracing, rocking, tapping or stretching different energy points or locations are all commonly used during the therapy. Some of the energy systems are worked with in the energetic field, such as working with Chakras which is hands off.

Clients are clothed and can wear normal clothing, although I advise wearing unrestrictive clothing. I also recommend bringing an extra layer as people often feel cold as energy moves though the body.

Is it like reiki?

Reiki is practiced in the field (off the body), but the energy therapy I practice does use hands-on protocols. With the methods I use, one is not channeling energy but working with and supporting the client’s energy where it is. It is the client’s energy which ultimately heals itself.

Does it have an immediate effect?

The immediate effects vary for each person relating to the state of each person’s energetic system. Each person will have different experiences in digesting the shifts, in some cases their system may be available and open to making and holding changes and for others it make require more dedication and ground work to enable these shifts to take place. In order to help the work continue to develop more deeply and effectively each client is given some exercises to work with between each session.

How many sessions are recommended?

I recommend that that new clients come for six consecutive weeks. This enables us to track the energy and begin to underline the energetic priority.

After six weeks we can discuss the outcome and together discuss how best to proceed. Some clients prefer a monthly session, some prefer returning every fortnight.

It remains however entirely up to the client, for instance a one-off Chakra clearing can be very beneficial for everyone.

How much does it cost?

I charge £90 for a 1.5 hour session.


I practice in East London.

My biography

Born in Los Angeles, I grew up between Belgium and California before moving to England where I have been living for the past 21 years. Being engaged in the arts since childhood I studied fine art for 5 years and have now worked within the contemporary art world for over 10 years. It continues to be my north star.

A whole spectrum of therapies have played a part in my family life, from my earliest memories of my grandmother giving me shiatsu massages, to my relatives between them practicing Chiropractics with Applied Kinesiology, Psychology, Medicine and Homeopathy.

Drawn to creative endeavours and our abilities to express ourselves and understand our worlds in myriad and supernatural ways, I found Eden Energy Medicine and its harmonious approach to the human body and energies around us an incredible practice. It has since grown to become a profound part of my life.

As a certified EEM-CP Practitioner I have a practice based in East London. I certified as a EEM Clinical Practitioner in February 2015 and have subsequently completed further training.

I have come to find Eden Energy Medicine's place in my life invaluable and love sharing the practice with others. It has the incredible ability to strengthen our body's balance and grounding, support our energetic systems, and nurture our heart energy as well as promote a high level of resiliency in our lives. It is a deeply rewarding practice which can benefit anyone.

I live in Central London with my husband and our boys Orson and Lucian.

Pascale Berthier

Pascale Berthier